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Friday, April 21, 2006

Neurology: Prepared to put out

Even though I'm probably a third of the way through my medical course, part of me is still waiting for a letter on official university letterhead saying,

Dear Ms Lish

I write to inform you that you were given a place in medicine by mistake.

You see, we were sorting applicants into a series of piles, and the 'Yes' pile was right next to the "You have got to be kidding - this person is a dingbat" pile.

You can see where we made our error. Ooops, naughty us. Your enrolment has been cancelled.

Yours sincerely

University Beaurocrat

The first week of the neurology block has just drawn to a close, and I am terrified! I'm just not sure I'm smart enough for this stuff.

I'm off to sound out if there is any of the professors I can sleep with in lieu of taking the exam.


Anonymous Cara said...

Oh no!!! You know, at the beginning of our year they brought in psychologists to talk to the class about dealing with school, and they said that most med students will experience "imposter syndrome" where they think people will believe they are a fraud and shoudn't be in medical school. However, they also say that the admissions committee wouldn't have selected you if they didn't think you could do it. :)

Neuro sucks (we finished our neuro block almost two weeks ago.) They say it's the toughest first year class. BUT it's really interesting, and it just requires a little more time. May I recommend that you pick up "Basic Clinical Neuroanatomy" by Young and Young, and "Neuroanatomy - An Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems" by Haines. Those two books, along with "The Color Atlas of Anatomy" by Rohen et al (aka The Dead Body Book) and the big Netter really helped me with all the neuroanatomy and learning the ascending and decending pathways. :)

2:30 AM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lish said...

Dude - yeah, I'm totally with the imposter syndrome!

Funny you mention psychologists, we actually had a psychiatrist lecture us this week and told us not to sleep with our patients! (Have you heard of countertransferance?)

Er, ok.. (That's a post in itself!)

Just bought Young and Young a coupla days ago. I might look into the others!

PS - top work with your blog this week!

8:29 AM GMT+9:30

Anonymous Adrian said...

You think you're struggling with neuro but really it's all in your head. :)

4:03 AM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lish said...

Adrian - er, thanks for the insight ;)

You could make good money as a psychiatrist with that sort of therapy.

10:01 AM GMT+9:30

Anonymous Adrian said...

Yeah, except my branch of psychiatry is called "Let's go for a couple of beers and bitch about things", which isn't recognized by any school of medicine yet.

3:41 PM GMT+9:30

Anonymous Marinus said...

I also fear that the same letter would arrive in my postbox! Thankfully I made it through Surgery. I guess we really should have more faith in ourselves!

5:36 AM GMT+9:30

Anonymous Mike said...

I'm just about to stumble through my 5th Year and I still wonder if my letter is lost in the post somewhere...

I have to admit neurologists worry me; as shown here...

It gets better, I promise...

Good idea to sleep with them though, I haven't tried it but I'm sure the one that looks like Ron Jeremy would be up for it! Emma I think her name was...

10:24 PM GMT+9:30


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