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Monday, April 17, 2006

Of course it rained all day

Here it is.. the seat is going to double as a day bed (once we get organised with some bright cushions) and is also hinged to provide us with storage (desperately needed).

How awesome are we? Or, at least, the man-thing. He designed, built, and took the photos. I am actually hopeless at all of the above. Geez? What am I good at?

I made the tea.



There's still tons of work to do (including putting a roof on the pergola, which, er may have come in handy today as the man-thing worked in the pouring rain, and paving, and landscaping). But it's so exciting to see things transform.

Thanks, super man-thing. You are a hero!


Blogger Lisa said...

OOOOOOH!! I have deck envy. That is fantastic! Well done, man-thing. :) My man-thing is doing some landscaping for me at the moment. Pictures coming soon!

12:14 AM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lish said...

I will pass on your approval! Looking forward to the landscape pics.

PS - You havy a very shiny coat (in your pic) Lisa. How do you manage it? Raw eggs?


7:45 AM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lisa said...

A healthy diet makes my coat shiny, and my nose cold and wet!

8:26 PM GMT+9:30


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