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Monday, April 03, 2006

Wading through the disaster zone

Exam this morning: Survived.

Endocrine and Reproductive Systems. I've thought about nothing else but vaginas, thyroid hormones, uteruses, cervixes (or is that cervices?), sperm sample pH and freaky weird hormonal diseases for the past month. And that's just my private life.


A ninety minute exam, covering almost none of the material I've studied, and it's all over.

Now I've got to deal with all the crap in my study. I'm just about up to my armpits in notes, overdue library books, cram cards and my own anatomy diagrams of badly drawn bums, balls and boobs. The sooner I clear all this stuff off my desk and out of my mind the sooner I can start mentally dealing with doing a u-turn and starting the final revision for the Gastro-Intestinal exam on Wednesday.

Which means that my Medical Student syndrome will probably take on a new focus too. I've been worried about endometriosis, breast cancer and spontaneous pituitary gland implosions for a few weeks. Now I'm going to get all ulcerative colitis-y and come down with a bit of an irritable bowel.

Well, that really gives me the shits.


Blogger Morgan said...

I knew I shouldn't read your blog for the first time on the evening after an appointment with my endocrinologist ;)

7:41 PM GMT+9:30

Blogger Morgan said...

and I hope it all goes well for you.

7:49 PM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lish said...

You have an endocrinologist? Wow!

With my medical student hat on, I'd love to ask you what for, but I think that's probably highly rude..

So I hope you have a good doctor. Some of the endocrinologists that teach us are a bit, er, eccentric ;)

8:50 PM GMT+9:30

Anonymous morgan said...

I've posted about it a few times, so you could either go looking for the posts, or I could just tell you that it's hypogonadism.

I've had quite a number of endocrinologists. None of them have been particularly eccentric, but one wasn't very good, some were inexperienced in anything other than diabetes, and two have been excellent. My current one included :)

10:02 PM GMT+9:30


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