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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zat where they go on a cold night?

Been learning a bit about embryology lately, the study of how bodies develop from the point of conception to birth. Amazing subject.

Did you know that boys' testicles actually develop in conjunction with the kidneys, half way up their backs? It's not until about the sixth or seventh month of gestation that the testes get dragged by a little cord all the way from under their armpits (well, nearly) and into their final resting place. Here's a groovy animation of the descent.

My bf says that's where they must go back to when he goes swimming in Tasmania ;)


Blogger Rita Martinez said...

Embriology was the class that convinced me I wanted to be an OB-Gyn instead of a surgeon....I just love it!

8:47 PM GMT+9:30


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