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Monday, September 18, 2006


They say these things happen in threes, so now I'm starting to get concerned for the welfare of my cat.

First came the infamous F, and now I've screwed up an interview.

I had made a late application to be considered for a country position for next year's training. Apart from spending the year in pretty surrounds, the med school pays your rent and your bills, buys you a library of books and gives you a handful of enthusiastic doctors that promise to teach you All You Need To Know About Everything. They were only interviewing one other girl, the Fat Bird from Bombala, and she is about as interesting as a day in the Fungus Museum.

I thought I was a shoe in.

I strode into the interview armed with my favourite perfume and my new yellow shirt and waited for them to hand me the position. But as I answered their series of questions, I became fixated on the fact that the interviewer was looking at me like I was an alien. Off the planet. Talking shit.

So the more she looked at me like I was an alien, the less articulate I became, the less intelligent I seemed. I couldn't think straight. Whatever I said, 98% of my brain kept thinking, "do I have something hanging out of my nose? Have I launched into a Tourette's-like tirade of Shits and Fucks and Boobs without realising? Am I not making sense?"

So they gave the damn position to the Fat Bird from Bombala and I sauntered home in my pretty shirt and my styled hair and cracked the chardonnay in despair (and, scarily, a bowl of WeetBix with coconut milk and splenda: it's a challenge to emotionally eat when there's only healthy food in the house).

My question is, if these things happen in threes, and I have already flunked the exam and fluffed the interview, what next? Run over the cat with the car? Catch my boy in bed with my grandmother? Burn the house down in a freak wok incident?

God help us all, really.


Blogger Shazam! said...

Sounds like you need a beer.

1:18 PM GMT+9:30

Blogger Lisa said...

Hey, maybe David Hasselhoff suddenly becoming really popular in the UK is YOUR fault! Curse you!

1:02 AM GMT+9:30

Blogger Maria P. said...

Don't leave the house. Lock the door and get in bed until the 3rd thing arrives and leaves. Good luck.

3:48 AM GMT+10:30

Blogger Snoskred said...

I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :)

6:52 AM GMT+10:30

Blogger Lish said...

too bad I haven't had too much time for posting. normal services to resume after end of year exams.


8:02 AM GMT+10:30


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